Why do you read?

So yesterday my lovely book club got together and the topic of why do you read came up. One person mentioned having an outlet for your experiences. So say you are going though something in life and don’t quite know how to handle it, or you feel inappropriate in your feelings during the situation. Reading a book where you can relate to a character and what they are going though can help you process you feelings better and possibly help you not feel bad for crying. Another person mentioned escape, getting out of your current situation and away from where you are. I want to say my answer is about the same. I experience wunderlust and reading is my outlet. It helps me go to places I can’t at the moment. I can read a story about someone in Ohio and though the story isn’t about Ohio, I can feel like I am there and living out this story there. My favorite kind of story transports me to the future where something has happened to change the world. I like to read and learn, to know and be scared by certain possibilities. Think about it, what is the reason you read?


Author: linzbibliophile

I am an avid reader of books. I want to help spread the love of reading and expand more imaginations!

2 thoughts on “Why do you read?”

  1. I read for those life-changing, book stays with me forever, the world now looks different moments. They are rare, but amazing. Outside of that, I read to help me sleep at night, for escape, and for relaxation.

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