About Me

I always hate filling out about me sections on various site, which is funny because I am going out of my way to create this one. If you haven’t already guessed from my blog title, I love to read. Now just because I love to read does not mean that I am good at writing. Though I understand the basic rules of grammar, I must have missed a few days of school during the lessons. So please excuse my grammar. I have been known to read just about anything, though I do not always finish a book. My “need to finish” pile is probably as big as my completed pile, though neither is as large as my “want to read” stack. Please stick with me as I normally can find good things about any book I have finish. If by chance you have a book you are working on or want me to read and review just hit me up on the contact page and we can work something out. Just remember I am not an editor or publisher, I am just here to give you my honest opinion.

My plans for this blog is to start off with a steady stream of reviews for books I have competed so far this summer. I also hope to add a little something extra into my blog, so while I want to share my reviews of books, I also want to talk about all things books. We will have to see where it goes!

Thank you for stopping in!


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