Best Day Ever by Kaira Rouda

best day ever3.5/5

Best Day Ever is a thriller that puts you into the mind of a psycho. The book is told in segments of time taking place over a day. The store is told from the point of view of Paul a husband taking his wife away for what he has planned to be the best day ever. It doesn’t take long to realize that something just isn’t quite right with Paul. He is very self-absorbed and seems like he is the type to just always be right. The book promises to have many twist you don’t see coming but I saw most of them coming. That being said I did still really enjoy read this book and don’t want to spoil much else!

I received an advance copy of this book and it has in no way swayed my opinion in this review.


Discussion Questions RP1

This week I am re-reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. It was my pick for book club and I am attempting to get every one on my bandwagon! While I am reading I will be trying to come up with discussion question for the story. I am kind of excited to be doing this since I normally just use whatever is released by the publisher or questions I find online. If you have any tips or if you have read the book and have a question I can also ponder please let me know!

In other news to catch up with reviews for books I have read this summer.  This week I will continue with reviews for:

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Golden Son (book 2 of the Red Rising Series) by Pierce Brown