The Circle by Dave Eggers

The_Circle_(Dave_Eggers_novel_-_cover_art) 4/5

I started this blog a few days ago and I kind of feel like I am Mae just beginning to work for The Circle. For those of you who don’t have a blog and don’t know, and for those of you who do and can relate; there is an endless amount of promotion that goes on across multiple social media platforms. There is tweeting, and re-tweeting, likes and hearts, reading, commenting and following . It can be a bit overwhelming, but in the times we live, it is what must be done. When Mae first starts at The Circle, a giant technology company, she is super thrilled. Slowly though she is consumed with the everyday task and lack of privacy it takes to keep up with the ever-growing company. From an outside prospective I find The Circle to be almost a horror novel. It makes me want to run away to the woods and hide with no technology in sight. If you can’t take a hard look at yourself and the world as it relates to technology this book might not be for you. I did give this book a good rating though because I really did enjoy it. I enjoyed following Mae’s thought processes, meeting her family, and learning her new job. Eggers does a great job of helping you become engrossed in his dystopian future. I recommend this book to anyone who doesn’t think we could end up this way and to the people who are afraid we will. Have some fun and join Mae at The Circle.

― Dave EggersThe Circle

The Circle was adapted into a movie featuring Emma Watson



Still Alice by Lisa Genova

Still_Alice_(Genova_novel) 4/5 *book club pick

Still Alice was a book different from the kind I normally read. Told from the point of view of Alice Howland, who is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease, Still Alice gives you an inside look at what it might be like to lose yourself. Alice is a cognitive psychology professor at Harvard and a world-renowned linguistics expert, she is proud of her achievements and when diagnosed at 50 struggles with what losing her mind will be like. Genova writes a book that is perfect to read with family or friends to help open up the conversation of Alzheimer’s disease and how it affects those involved. The story is well written and often makes you feel sad as you start to notice the main character has just again forgotten something important. Still Alice is an easy to read book and only took me about two days to complete, it is a must read for any book club.

“In the ladies’ room, Alice studied her image in the mirror. The reflected older woman’s face didn’t quite match the picture that she had of herself in her mind’s eye.”
― Lisa GenovaStill Alice

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Still Alice was made into a movie starring Julianne Moore. (The book is better, 😉 )

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Ready_Player_One_cover 5/5

Quick log into OASIS and join me on this ultimate Easter egg hunt! If you have not yet read Ready Player One by Ernest Cline you are missing out. This story is set in a dystopian future where most everyone spends their days escaping daily life by logging into a VR (virtual reality) game by the name of OASIS. When stating the story you find out creator of the game, James Halliday, has passed away and is leaving his fortune to whom ever can solve the riddles in an ultimate Easter egg hunt. Through out the story you follow Wade Watts on his hunt, while finding all the 80’s and video game Easter eggs scattered throughout the book. This book has it all action, adventure, a little romance, and friendship. As a self-proclaimed nerd/geek myself, I was able to identify with the characters as they faced social awkwardness and self-doubt. These underdogs turned heroes are the kind of people I can root for. So I urge you, all people who like an unlikely hero and fighting big bad to run out to the nearest store and buy this book. You’ll thank or curse me when you lose sleep with this page turner!!

Ready Player One is currently being made into a movie directed by Steven Spielberg set to release March 30, 2018